Winged Sautoir

Winged Sautoir


Winged sautoir with gold mesh points. Tails can also be tied beneath the focal element, creating a V-shaped pendant alternative. Articulated mesh links catch all available light - flashing it back in even the moodiest of rooms. Candlelight? You'll own the place.

Vintage metal mesh from a Whiting & Davis purse is deconstructed, re-engineered, and meticulously hand linked with dark oxidized sterling silver chain. Chain is soldered/welded around each mesh element, chain-to-chain, drawing a slim, strong line around the form. All chain. No bulky jump rings.

Necklace measures 24 in. around, dropping an additional 9 in. in front. Signed with a brass logo link at the lobster clasp closure. Hand made in the Oakland Hills, San Francisco Bay Area.

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